Friday, August 11, 2006

Orchids and Clementines

This is a still life of an orchid I purchased at Lowes garden store area. I also placed 2 clementines on the table to balance it and give it color. I have been working on this painting for 3 days a couple of hours a day. I was able to finish about 90% with no problem. THEN......... I decided to rework the blooms and that ended up being longer than thought.

Here is the setup. Its small and did not want to take up too much band width but you can get the idea. The wall is a warm tanish color but does not show up. I used the grid method to sketch this on my canvas. You can see some of the charcoal lines


Mary said...

Paula this is absolutely gorgeous. You gave it such a real but painterly look. The palette is also very pleasing.

amber said...

Hi Pilan ,I like it, it has a good solid structure
the colors are very warm too makes me want to see the set up you had

Pilan said...

amber, i have the set up too. I will post it in a bit.

Pilan said...

thank you Mariana, it was fun but also needed more palette space for all this paint. Not like a miniature. :)

Liza K said...

I love how this painting turned out. It's beautiful! And a big one too. I'm so proud of you. I hope you can exhibit this in a gallery soon.