Thursday, August 03, 2006





Mary said...

This is a beautiful egg plant. I love the way you work in so many colors and the color of the egg plant is awesome.

Pilan said...

Thank you Mariana, it was fun to paint. The shadow turned out better because I did not spotlight it like the garlic. I had the upper light on just casting a regular shadow. I suppose this is why I like painting in the day time better. I get more colorful and natural looking on still lifes.

Liza K said...

Pilan, these all are wonderful, abstract are too. I would love to see these BIG. I bet galleries would be begging to carry your work. Think about the paintings we viewed in American Visions gallery. Your paintings are ever bit as good or better than what they carry. Just paint bigger (as I've always said). Not that bigger is better, but people want big art. Your art is already big on a small scale. Just increase your canvas size and you will fly!