Saturday, August 12, 2006

Jump Start Your Day

This was done today. Its called Jump Start Your Day.

6x8 oil on Birch wood


Mary said...

I love your compositions and subject source. This is a good one!

Liza K said...

This one reminds me of an artist who did a demo recently in Homer's gallery, actually in the space that was once Left Bank. She was fantastic and your work is as good. What size is this one? Texas must be good for you.

Pilan said...

Thank you Mariana, I did not have time to edit it and wished I had before it went into the show.

Lisa, 6x8 and it was fun. First I set it up according to how I wanted it then I took a snap shot of it. I did not have time to paint it so taking a snap shot of it allowed me the luxury of having the comp recorded. The next day I looked at the pic and set the still life up according to how I had spent a good bit of time composing it the day before. This is in my kitchen and the blinds in the background are in the dining area. I am going to try some more multiple still lifes like this. I enjoyed painting this one.


amber said...

This is great!