Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lemon & Pearl Earrings - Still Life

This is a 4x6 still life WIP. I used a different kind of medium with my oil paint and its not reacting the normal way. I am going to finish this painting up and seriously think about not even using this medium mixture again. It was a recipe I received from a thread in an artists group. So much for trying to do something more economically. I have to let this dry and go back and do the detailing. I do not like working on a painting more than one setting!! ugh!

I decided to not complete this painting. I instead took out another lemon and painted it. Its called Lemon Light.


Mary said...

I really lke this Paula. The green lemon looks fabulous on that background and the earings in contrast, look so exquisite.

amber said...

Mmm I tend to like your detail croping i find the composition has more interest that way. Funny about that, my painting croping details have the same effect on me
I like the colors in your work