Monday, March 23, 2009

Studio Complete

20x24 studio with open loft
I am still doing some research on how I want the walk ways and porch areas to look. Landscaping design may take a little longer.

5x6 bathroom
I may end up buying a cabinet and mirror combo later. I wanted to see what kind of backsplash I may need and how it would look first.

This shot is showing the west end of the studio with a view of the open loft with my daughter. Below the loft are two 4 bulb daylight fluorescent lights and hunter fan that supplies the studio nicely.

This is the north side. I wanted large north windows instead of small upper wall windows. I would rather put a window covering on the window than wish I had more light.

Here is the front of the studio which is facing east. Up in the vaulted area ( not shown) on each side are two track lighting fixtures that supply the shelving area and entry. In this corner are open shelving that measures about 16 inches deep and wraps around the corner. This helps to hold a lot of books, supplies and cuts down on needing more tall shelving. I had them built in a way that I could get doors installed on them if I wanted too. But, I love the ease of just picking off the shelf and not messing with opening a door. I also have a four low rolling type of cabinetry and plastic drawers tubs as well.

The wall color paint is Sherwin Williams Techno Gray ( a calming green and gray mixture ) . The ceiling is from the same scale two shades lighter. I can't remember the name. I am happy with the way the loft windows allow a lot of light into the studio without adding glare. I have plenty of places to paint without direct sunlight. Acting as the general contracter is like juggling and can be stressful. The design and layout I had in mind and modifications during the build went very well.

I need to physically and mentally rest up for the week with a trip to some treasure hunting. :)

Have a great spring break.


Bill Brauker said...

What a wonderful work space. Congratulations! Look forward to seeing more great work from you. Thanks for following me on Twitter, I am following you also.

J.R. Baldini said...

This did come out well for you !
Good luck with the studio.

Angela Anderson said...

Too cool!! I don't think I would ever leave! LOL. So glad to meet another Arkansas artist. I love your work! said...

Wow, Pilan - I love your studio - Can I move in??? Wishing you the best painting year ever - Love your still life paintings!!

Viokie Deacon