Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Septic Installation

This is the septic tank dig. Since I live out in the countryside out of city limits I can put a separate system in t0 support my studio. This ended up being way bigger tank than what I had initially asked for. But my septic man said why not get a 600 gallon tank compared to a plastic 300 gallon one for $50 extra. So I said okay. Besides I think the concrete septics are less expensive than the plastic ones and way easier to pump should it ever need to be.

Beginning of Digging for the Septic

Here is the hole after it was dug. It is common for holes to fill up with water as this one is in damp soil.
Water filled the hole where Septic will go

Here is the lowering of the septic tank.

By the time the septic was installed the drywall finishing had started.

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Mary said...

Lots of work being put into your studio Pilan, you are going to enjoy it so much, can't wait to see it finished.