Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A New Studio

Well, its been almost 5 months since I last posted. This last year has been busy because we moved to the countryside in Arkansas. We live 40 minutes away from Little Rock Arkansas. So far I really like it a lot.

Now, on with the great news. I am having a studio built. Finally after all these years and it will have about 750 square feet of area to set up shop.

I chose my heating and cooling unit first. This was an important part because the studio would need to be built accordingly. So, in December my new unit arrived making the building process more of a reality. The actual construction on my new 20 x 24 ft. artist studio began in December 2008. The siding and brick is now completed along with the electrical line to the main house. The next step is having spray foam insulation in the vaulted ceiling. The walls will have blown in cellulose insulation. I did lots of research on insulation and found spray foam in the ceiling would be more efficient.

My lighting will be 2 4 bulb 4 ft fluorescent T8 with daylight lamps. These lights will be installed under the loft area along with a large ceiling fan. There will be two rows of track lighting one on each side of the vaulted ceiling. I have several plug-in spot lights and an ott light as well that attaches to my easel. In addition to the lights I will have a fluorescent in the loft area and 3 plug-ins. I prefer to paint by natural light and my studio should have plenty of this along with great northern light exposure. In all I have 14 plugs in the wall and one dedicated plug for any future equipment such as a kiln or encaustic heat guns etc.

There is still a lot left to do but I can almost see it completed. Today, I found out I will have to wait an entire week for the foam insulation to be sprayed in. There are not that many foam spray insulators in this part of the country but I am okay with this.

I will probably have laminate flooring installed but have not decided whether it will be light, medium or a dark color laminate. This will come later.

Have a super day.


Mary said...

Pilan what an incredible studio, I can imagine it will be very hard to pull you out of there and I will be waiting anxiously for your work to be posted. I know this is your dream and it is much deserved.

Pilan said...

Hi Mary, its so nice to hear from you.

It sure is a process. Now I know what you and Beto go through when you build. lol

I am going to schedule the drywall man tomorrow.

Thank you so much for stopping by.