Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Hello again.

On Wednesday the foam insulation man blew the foam in the ceiling. It doubled the cost of the putting this type of insulation in but I am satisfied. Before I chose foam for the ceiling I researched and read up on it. The rating on the foam is the best on the market. It is hot and humid in the summer here and cold and cold in the winter. The foam will allow a tight seal to keep warm or cool air from escaping or entering the studio through the ceiling.

Next the walls will be blown in with the cellose insulation. The reason why I did not have the walls is the cost would have tripled. But, cellulose should do the job very well.

Here is a short video clip when the insulation first begin.

This is the ceiling after the foam has been foam sprayed and trimmed. Next step would be the drywall.

Foam Sprayed in Ceiling

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