Friday, July 28, 2006

Interior Outdoor View


4 x 6

This is an attempted painting of the interior of my family room looking out into the yard. My daughter is sitting on the sofa.


Mary said...

Your paintings have a lot of feeling to them Paula. I love this one. It is nostalgic.

Pilan said...

Thank you Mariana, I am looking forward to your abstract steps.


Tanna Klima said...

Pilan I love this painting. I cant believe you are being so faithful to your craft by working every day. That is so great!! You rock! I love you work. we miss you out here in California! Love Tanna

Liza K said...

I agree with Mary and Tanna. wow, you are awesome. We miss you so much in CA and the art group. You are an inspiration! Keep painting.

Pilan said...

Tanna and Lisa, hugs and lots of juicy kisses to both of you. Thank you for the encouragements. I feel alone here without Lakeside and my friends. Please keep in touch I miss you all so much.

Hugs back to all