Thursday, July 27, 2006

Semi Expressionism Abstract

4 x 6

I must admit I was very tired today.
So, I decided to paint a semi expressionism abstract. Maybe I should have taken the day off of painting.


amber said...

I think this painting is very good it shows imagination and balanced composition
do more like it

Mary said...

Paula, this is beautiful and the ambience you gave it is fantastic.

Lori said...

It has a definite feeling coming through, its so good that you made yourself paint it. Lots of emotion in it, its an exciting painting. Lori

Rebecca Grantham said...

I really like this one, it has a lot of movement and energy.

and agree do some more!
I love flat bright colors!

Pilan said...

Amber, this abstract was from a actual photograph. Much difference but I had a foundation to start with. The composition was good this is why I choose the photo.

thank you

Mary thank you. It was interesting and may do another one soon.

Lori, there are some elements in this painting the original photo did not have. I feel satisfied with being able to relate them through my artistic intuitions.

Rebecca, these are definately flat bright colors :) This was an adventure but so different when comparing the colors to a still life or plein air.

Its hot so I may do another one.


bridgette said...

This is a really wonderful painting. I am glad you didn't take the day off from painting! You captured both stillness and movement in this piece.