Saturday, February 16, 2008

Turner Study Norham Castle, Sunrise

Last Saturday my daughter and I visited the Dallas Museum of Art. Since I am a member we get to see new exhibits before the doors open to the public. This is wonderful because I can really study the paintings.

I must say out of all the famous paintings I have had the privilege to see Joseph Mallord William Turner is the most intriguing and beautiful works. He truly had a talent for capturing nature and energy. I was so inspired I felt compelled to do a quick study the Norham Castle, Sunrise. JMW Turner died 1851. He was worth $8million dollars. He made his fortune as an artist. He also started painting very early in his life. His father who was a barber would put 12 yr old Josephs paintings in the window of his shop hoping to catch the attention of his clients. His father was very supportive of his sons interest in becoming a painter. Those paintings caught the attention and He entered the Royal Academy of Art schools in 1789, when he was only 14 years old,[4] and was accepted into the academy a year later.

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You may be surprised this is oil painted on a 4x6 watercolor postcard. It was fun and I have never painted on paper like this before. I will need to seal the back with gesso to keep the oil painting from deteriorating. I sent this painting to a friend of mine in Texas.

Thanks for looking.

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