Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summer a Busy Time

Well, I don't know where to start except to just say I have been very busy this summer. Summers are when kids like to go places, accidents happen easier it seems and yard work is aplenty and other stuff.

I have been painting abstract for the most part this summer. I have enjoyed it immensely and will continue painting them. My abstract paintings are not considered a daily painting because I cannot do them in a day. Too bad because I don't like hanging around the canvas too long. However, I am beginning to be a bit more patient with myself. Also, I have discovered when I paint abstracts I paint my emotions and see colors to the musical tones. I find myself developing a process of internalizing the music and then I let nature takes it course.

So, far its been a good trip and I have won a 3rd place in a juried show in July and won 3rd place in a judged show in August of this year.

Summing up my summer, its been a good one in art and though I have had trials and tribulations in personal stuff I have survived. I look forward to Fall.

A Painting a day will start up again soon.

Have a great August


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