Monday, February 12, 2007

Hot House Tomatoes Still Life Oil Painting

4x6 oil on birch wood

$30 Free Shipping

It seems the blog is not showing up all my links and painters daily link. Hopefully, this will be corrected very soon.


Stogie Rings said...

Fresh,crisp, clean. Well executed, looks like a different approach for you.

Pilan said...

Stogie, its the support that makes the painting look a bit different. Its a very smooth and gessoed surface wood with a lot more slip to it. It is a bit more challenging to paint on but I have a few boards left so I am going to use them up. I now prefer about 1/2 the slip than this gives me. single primed linen is what I like best. The double primed and oil linen is close to painting on slick treated birch like this one here.