Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Its Holiday Last Minute Shopping - Little Peedy

Well, between trying to get the last minute shopping, midterm tests and my little Peedy its been busy. Peedy is a Boston Terrier and sometimes Boston's have seizures out of the blue. Well, his brother has them several times a week and had to be put on medication last year. Now, poor little Peedy has had 3 bouts of seizures but over a 8 month period. Today was an awful day for him because he had 3 seizures one right after the other. It was pitiful. He finally came out it after about 2o minutes. He is doing much better and is sound asleep. I will probably sleep with one eye open and both ears listening for any problems with Peedy. I did not get a painting done today but hopefully will be full throttle tomorrow. I know eventually Peedy will need to go on daily medication.


Mary said...

Paula I'm so sorry to hear about Peedy. I'm leaving in the morning and will be back the 27th. have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

Phillybelle said...

Oh Pill, I'm so sorry to hear about Peedy!! I've put him in my prayers....and YOU, too.