Friday, October 06, 2006

Eggs on Red WIP

This is a work in progress 4x6 oil on canvas

I was gifted by my sister in-law 5 dozens beautiful different colored farm eggs. Okay, my first thought was to paint them. So, I set out to pick the nicest eggs. I then arranged them on crimson red cloth. There is a slightly bluish green egg, a brown egg and a buff colored egg. This image is a bit dark because I just quickly took a digital.

I got the eggs sketched in and thought, Oh not bad. I started blocking in the dark areas, this is when I realized a challenge lies ahead. So, after about 3 hours of work I have decided it will have to be a wip. I am headed out of town for the weekend. This is rare because I never go anywhere. I am suppose to pick up my daughter early from school, in 15 min ha! Well, that won't happen so here I sit trying to type out reasons to why I do not have a completed painting a day, today. Eggs are hard! I shall prevail even if it is a WIP. So, until next week.

Have a Great weekend.

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Mary said...

The red cloth is magestiic, Paula. The light and shdow in that is awesome. Great work.