Monday, August 28, 2006

3rd Day Workshop

I got as far as blocking this painting in. I may attempt to finish it or maybe not.

I woke up to rain it was very much needed and nice. This morning Bob gave a lecture going over what he had shared with us the 2 days before and answered other questions. After the lecture Bob gave a demo on painting rocks in a stream of water. Well, his rocks sure does not look like my rocks. I could paint a couple but Bob painted many. We were definitely impressed and the painting as always looked way better than the photograph.

We broke for lunch a bit after noon. A couple of people had to leave early and those of us who brought lunch stayed and started on their 3nd painting. I started blocking in my painting and my foot begin to hurt and it worsened and decided that was it. I am going home to soak my foot and put it up. Bob let me take a picture of his photo I was using to paint from to finish it at home. Bob is such a nice person. Anyway, I learned a WHOLE lot and look forward to using what I have learned in this workshop.

Have a great week

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Phillybelle said...

Pilan, thanks for sharing your workshop AND your paintings! You inspire me!