Saturday, August 26, 2006

1st day of workshop results

This is the first study in Bob's workshop. Its incomplete but I worked mostly on getting the color correct and fighting with trying to get enough paint mixed up.

Well, I must say 9 to 5 painting is a very tough schedule. Bob started off with a lecture of basics points he paints by. The presentation was very good and very simplified. The assignment was each student choose a photo from a pile Bob brought with him. I happen to choose a landscape with TREES! Not just trees but many trees. I figured okay, I am here to be challenged, egads. Well this is me biting off me than I can chew. eww

I got hung up on details before it was time and this became a complex thinking situation for me. I actually used my brain but not sure it was in the right manner. ha! However, Bob helped me to see how to simplify the landscape and also as long as I am the painter I can leave a clump of trees out if I want to. Hmmm I think for the most part I went ahead and put all the trees in. I did not finish the painting but put in a good days try.

We are using viridian green, cad orange, cad yellow light, ultramarine blue, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White, and I am using cad red but the list called for Perylene Red. Brushes are #6 #8 #10 flats and a rigger. I am having a time using a #6. I am used to using #4 for my work and a round ugh! I am painting on canvas panel with another coat of gesso to smooth out the tooth. I have used about 1/2 role of paper towels and managed to dirty up my clean odorless mineral spirits. Oh well, what else it new.

I think for the most part the other painters had a good day. There is one woman in the class her name escapes me now but she painted an awesome painting of a man in a garden with a wheelbarrow. I want that painting. I wonder how much she wants for it. Its beautiful.

Well, after I got home I took my daughter out to eat at get this, SONIC. She wanted a long chili cheese coney dog. Our little dog Peedy had to go so he scammed a few tator tots.

We zipped back home and quickly put on our bathing suits and jumped in the pool. Peedy too.

Jumped in the shower but not after I slipped and fell cracking one of my toes and knocking a big blue bump on my left wrist!! geesh can it get any worse. I sure hope not!!

Until tomorrow, cheers!


Shant said...

I saw your blog and wanted to cheer you on. I like your work.

Its isn't easy doing workshops, you can't really plan to do your best work when your out of your element.
I have a couple of blogs too really the same stuff but two different sites.


Shant said...

I keep making lots of mistakes because I'm new at this Blogging stuff so If you get two posts. it because I easn't sure it "took"

I think your style is great and leans toward the organic.

Mary said...

Awe Paula, Peedy looks so cute and cool!